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About us

We are a leading debt collection agency in the United Kingdom. We offer a fair and ethical approach to debtors whilst ensuring results for creditors.

We deliver full service receivables management and debt collection in the banking, retail, utility and telecoms industries. We deal with over 5 million account holders each year and offer a range of financial services including debt recovery, debt purchase as well as location services. A crucial tool for recovering difficult debts.

We have particular expertise in working with the healthcare and finance sectors across the five continents, offering a one-stop service for the collection of outstanding accounts. With years of collections experience in the healthcare industry coupled with international expertise and in-house investigative capabilities, InterStation has a receivables management methodology that has proved a winning formula.

What we offer

InterStation essentially works on cross border portfolios. These are typically composed of B2B, B2C, Financial corporations and healthcare institutions. Debt collection is a three-phase job. Identifying the location, nature of the case and debtor. Engaging in dialog with the entity/person owing the debt, Our agents are experts in mediation, however in some cases and in spite of a totally legal debt difficulties arise and the intervention of our legal network is recommended,

It is key to at least establish the whereabouts of the debtor and try to make contact. In moste cases it is a matter of spending time on the files and on internet When this is not possible thourough research is required. This is when our investigative force takes action either in the street or where information is available to provide more leads and provide results.
The first phases of the recovery process is always the same. The first steps are as established by the FDCPA and HIPAA rules and regulations. We take no risks at damaging the collection process with wrong proceedings. A legal debt can suffer delays but with our professional experts, it is sooner resolved.
Legal settlement
No one is interesting in going legal however, in some extreme cases it is advisable to bring in a law enforcing process. The cost can be shared or in some cases they are added to the debt. Every step is discussed with both parties to reach the most suited agreement. Furthermore, it is a process that is carried with the local judicial regulation and process.